A Study on Synthesis and Exchange-Spring Properties of the SrFe12O19/Fe3O4 Nanocomposites with Core–Shell Structure

Authors: Tran Thi Viet Nga*, Luong Ngoc Anh


Two series of SrFe12O19/Fe3O4 nanocomposites were prepared using mechanical mixing method from SrFe12O19 and Fe3O4 nano powders and sol- gel method combined with hydrothermal method. The phase composition, surface morphology and magnetic properties off these samples were investigated using XRD, SEM, Raman and VSM. The stepped hysteresis loops of all the samples indicated that two magnetic phases are co-existed. Findings show that the samples prepared by using sol- gel method combine with hydrothermal method comprise two phases and Fe3O4 particles are coated on the surface of SrFe12O19 particles. The coercivity and saturation magnetization of CS- samples are lager than that of Mix- samples. The saturation magnetization reachs 63.735 emu/g for CS 950.


nanocomposite, core- shell, exchange- spring
Pages : 6-10

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