Determine The Hydrostatic Hypothetical Free Surface Of The Closed Tank Filled Fully With Fluid Moving With An Acceleration To Calculate The Force Acting On Its Wall Applied In Fluid Transport

Authors: Luong Ngoc Loi*


The hypothetical hydrostatic free surface is the author’s new concept used to represent the pressure distribution, calculate the pressure acting on the closed tank fulled a fluid and moved in acceleration (translating or rotating around a fixed axis). The paper presents a common problem of fluid mechanics, with specific applications in the actual transport of liquids, but with the solution using the hypothetical hydrostatic free surface. Then the author employed this discipline for closed container, it is argued . On the basis of mechanical theory. The article cited a number of traditional solutions and a numerical example to clearly see the difference results and more accurately assess the harmful effects of pressure increase when liquid transport vehicles suddenly accelerate, brakes, especially when traffic is colided..


hypothetical hydrostatic free surface, closed tanks moving, pressure distribution.
Pages : 34-38

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