Encrypt Data with Electromagnetic Waves Using Printable Structures and Materials

Authors: Nguyễn Thanh Hường, Lê Công Cường*, Phạm Thị Ngọc Yến, Đào Trung Kiên


In this paper, the authors have analyzed the problem of data encryption by electromagnetic waves, the approach and the challenges that need to be solved, to study the selection of suitable materials from which to give a new structure design to address printable structure. It will help reduce cost, as well as make mass production simplify in large quantities. The structure uses a polyimide substrate and conductive ink with a fabrication method of common inkjet technology, the structure is designed based on dipole antenna array for each frequency set. Data is encoded on the basis of determining the feedback power at predetermined frequencies in the range of 3GHz to 9GHz via RCS factor. CST Microwave Studio software is used to design and simulate structures with the ability to encode 5 data bits per frequency set. Encryption structure has a simple design, allowing to improve the data encryption with a small size.


chipless RFID, wireless sensor, radar cross section, frequency coding
Pages : 1-6

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