Effect of High Ethanol Content Diesel-Ethanol-Biodiesel Blends on Performance and Emissions of a Diesel Engine

Authors: Phạm Hữu Tuyến*, Phạm Minh Tuấn, Nguyễn Văn Nhỉnh


Research on using biodiesel and bioethanol for internal combustion engine is necessary to solve the shortage of mineral fuels and the environment pollution. This paper presents results of simulating the engine performance and emissions of a Hyundai D4BB 4-cylinder diesel engine when using high ethanol content diesel-ethanol-biodiesel blends. The model of engine fueled by fossil diesel was calibrated and validated by experiment which was carried out on engine test benches. The result shows that, when using blends including DE10B5 (85% diesel-10% ethanol-5% biodiesel), DE30B5 (65% diesel-30% ethanol-5% biodiesel), DE50B5 (45% diesel-50% ethanol-5% biodiesel), engine power decreases and fuel consumption increases at full load whereas the concentration of CO, NOx, soot emissions decrease at all operation loads as compared to that when using fossil diesel.


biofuel, diesel-ethanol-biodiesel blends, emissions, diesel engine
Pages : 64-69

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