Designing Tool for Supporting the Heart Contraction Process

Authors: Dương Trọng Lượng*, Nguyễn Thái Hà, Nguyễn Thành Công


Currently, the number of people with heart failure is increasing (1-2% of the world's population). This is an alarming problem and topical. Beside, the cost for each inpatient treatment of heart failure patients is about 25 million VND - a relatively high cost for many families in Vietnam. Recently, there are several type of devices support heart failure patients have been manufactured and commercialized. However, these devices are imported and very expensive (from 900 million VND or more), not including the cost of transplantation, treatment and medication. Therefore, the research and design a tool for supporting the contractility of the heart is essential. This paper presents research, design a tool for supporting the contractility of the heart. The results of this study were tested on a fake heart - is a heart was made by silicon material


Heart, contraction, heart failure, patient
Pages : 27-32

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