The Effect of Rotating Speed and Working Pressure on the Hydrodynamic and Hydrostatic Pressure Distribution of the Oil Lubrication Film in the Internal Gear Pump

Authors: Phạm Trọng Hòa*


The effect of rotating speed and working pressure on the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure distribution of the oil lubrication film in the internal gear motor and pump has been analysed in this paper. The hydrodynamic pressure distribution is calculated based on the Renolds equation which is solved by the finite difference method (FDM). Meanwhile, the hydrostatic pressure distribution is computed based on the hydraulic resistance network model. The calculation results pointed out that the rotating speed and working pressure have great effect on the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure distribution. These results is the background for further study in order to improve the stability, the working efficiency and the lifespan of the internal gear pump.


Internal gear pump, hydrostatic lubrication, hydrodynamic lubrication, oil lubrication film
Pages : 40-46

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