Study on Determination of the Dynamic Rollover Threshold of a Coach Vehicle

Authors: Tạ Tuấn Hưng, Dương Ngọc Khánh*


Rollover of coach is one of the worst vehicle accidents that can occur. The casualties in a coach rollover are often high and severe because of the large numbers of passengers. The rollover condition of coach is dependent on behavior of driver, road and structure of vehicles... The rollover of coach vehicle frequently occurs while directional maneuvers at high forward speed. It is significantly difficult for drivers to recognise the rollover risk signal, i.e. the wheel lift-off, especially at high speed. In this paper, a method to determine the dynamic rollover threshold of the coach vehicle is presented by using a full dynamic model of coach vehicle based on Multi-body System Method and Newton-Euler equations. The method can be applied as the basis for determining the early warning and controlling thresholds by dynamic models of coach vehicle.


Coach vehicle, dynamic rollover threshold, early warning threshold, Load Transfer Ratio, Multi-body System Method.
Pages : 53-58

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