Effect of Operating Conditions on the Ceramic Particles Drying Process by Superheated Steam in the Packed Bed Dryer

Authors: Thi Thu Hang Tran, Kieu Hiep Le*, Thi Thu Huong Tran


A novel model of ceramic particle drying by superheated steam in the packed bed dryer is applied to examine effects of operating conditions on the drying process. It is shown that the drying kinetic has two drying stages: in the first stage, the evaporation flux increases to the maximum value while particle temperature is remained as saturation temperature; then in the second stage, the evaporation flux decreases to the zero at the end of drying process and particle temperature rises to the equilibrium temperature. Results also illustrate that the drying process is faster at the thinner bed layer, smaller particle diameter and higher initial vapor velocity and temperature.


Superheated steam drying, ceramic drying, packed bed
Pages : 58-64

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