A New Landmark Detection Approach for Slam Algorithm Applied in Mobile Robot

Authors: Xuan-Ha Nguyen*, Van-Huy Nguyen, Thanh-Tung Ngo


Simultaneous Localization And Mapping is a key technique for mobile robot applications and thus has received much of research effort over the last three decades. A precondition for a robust and life-long landmark-based SLAM algorithm is the stable and reliable landmark detector. However, traditional methods are based on laser-based data which are believed very unstable, especially in dynamic-changing environments. In this work, we introduce a new landmark detection approach using vision-based data. Based on this approach, we exploit deep neural network for processing images from a stereo camera system installed on mobile robots. Two deep neural network models named YOLOv3 and PSMNet were re-trained and used to perform the landmark detection and landmark localization, respectively. The landmark’s information associated with the landmark data through tracking and filtering algorithm. The obtained results show that our method can detect and localize landmarks with high stability and accuracy, which are validated by laser-based measurement data. This approach has opened a new research direction toward a robust and life-long SLAM algorithm.


deep neural network, mobile robot, object detection, stereo camera, landmark-based slam
Pages : 31-36

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