A Visualization Solution of The Stress State of Connecting-rod Big End in the Experimental Device for Lubricating Condition of the Connecting-rod Big End Bearing

Authors: Tran Thi Thanh Hai*, Le Anh Dung, Do Tien Dat


This paper presents a visualization solution of the stress state of the connecting-rod big end in the experimental device for lubricating of the connecting-rod big end bearing. The connecting-rod model is in photoelastic material that subject to the load simulation corresponding to the engine's operating cycle. This experimental device and the connecting-rod model are used to determine the load diagram, measure the oil film pressure, oil film thickness, oil film temperature. In this study, a visualization system of stress state in the connecting-rod big end is builted that stress of connecting-rod is one of one of characteristics when we study the connecting-rod big end bearing. Stress state of connecting-rod is visualized by the transmission photoelasticimetry. This method allows the visualization of the isochrones fringes, which are lines of equal difference regarding main stress in the connecting-rod. The visualization system consists of a polarizer, two quarter ware blades and an analyzer. The stress contour’s images of connecting-rod at different angles of the crankshaft are realized by a CCD camera. The stress state in the connecting-rod is compatible with the load apply.


Connecting-rod, bearing, stress, photoelasticimetry, isochrones fringe
Pages : 37-42

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