J. Science & Tech. - 144 (06/2020)

Created on : 22-06-2020
1. Research article
Open access
Voltage Control of Grid-Connected PV System Facing Voltage Sags
Authors: Le Duc Tung*, Le Thi Minh Chau
Pages: 1-5
2. Research article
Open access
Modeling of Massive Inductors with the H-F Magnetodynamic Formulations via a Finite Element Technique
Authors: Dang Quoc Vuong*
Pages: 6-10
3. Research article
Open access
The Study of Spatial-Time-Frequency Correlation Properties of 5G Channel Modeling Of MIMO-OFDM System
Authors: Nguyen Thu Nga*, Nguyen Tien Hoa, Ta Phuong Nam
Pages: 11-16
4. Research article
Open access
Service Platform for Integration of various M2M/IoT system
Authors: Kieu-Ha Phung, Hieu Tran, Vinh Tran-Quang*
Pages: 17-21
5. Research article
Open access
A Deeplearning Method for Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease using SPECT Images of Heart
Authors: Nguyen Thanh Trung*, Nguyen Thai Ha, Nguyen Duc Thuan, Dang Hoang Minh
Pages: 22-27
6. Research article
Open access
Illumination Compensation of Facial Image Using Combination Algorithm for Face Recognition
Authors: Nguyen Thanh Cong, Duong Trong Luong*, Nguyen Thai Ha, Hoang Truong Kien
Pages: 28-34
7. Research article
Open access
Energy Harvesting-based Transmission Schemes in Cognitive Radio Networks with A Power Beacon
Authors: Nguyen Anh Tuan*, Nguyen Toan Van
Pages: 35-41
8. Research article
Open access
A Gaussian Mixture Model Based GNSS Spoofing Detector using Double Difference of Carrier Phase
Authors: Nguyen Van Hien*, Nguyen Dinh Thuan, Hoang Van Hiep, La The Vinh
Pages: 42-47
9. Research article
Open access
A Study of Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Authors: Trang Hoang Hai*, Nguyen Dang Toi
Pages: 48-52
10. Research article
Open access
Lightweight Encryption Schemes for the Internet of Things: A Review
Authors: Sonxay Luangoudom*, Duc Tran, Nguyen Linh Giang
Pages: 53-57
11. Research article
Open access
An Approximative Method for Analyzing the Magnetic Field Data to Determine the Location of Preferential Flow Paths in Earthen Dam
Authors: Huynh Thi Thu Huong*, Le Thanh Tai, Lai Viet Hai, Bui Trong Duy, Nguyen Huu Quang, Dang Quoc Trieu, Vuong Duc Phung, Le Van Son
Pages: 058-062