Influence of Mueller Matrix Method in Polar Decomposition for Analyzing the Polarization Properties of Turbid Media

Authors: Thi-Thu-Hien Pham*, Thanh-Hai Le, Hoang-Hai Tran, Quang-Linh Huynh, Van-Toi Vo


The polarization properties of scattered light from turbid media such as biological tissues, human or animal muscle, and certain plastics have received considerable attention due to their potential for use in inspection or diagnostic detection applications. A Mueller matrix, a calculated tool for analyzing the polarization properties of turbid media, is indicated by a product of three matrices, i.e. the depolarization/dichroism/retardance Mueller matrice. However, these matrices do not commute. This study shows the influence of the order of these ones when they are multiplied. The results of simulations are performed to compare the results obtained from product of the six possible polar decompositions using Genetic algorithm and the one of these polar decompositions always leads to physical elementary matrices


Mueller Matrix, Turbid Media, Tissue, Genetic algorithm
Pages : 81-85

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