Investigation of the Counter Pressure Effect on the Thinning Distribution in Sheet Hydrostatic Forming Process

Authors: Lê Trung Kiên*, Phạm Văn Nghệ


The sheets hydroforming static is always to be considered a new and advanced technique. This technology has been adopted into automotive and aero industries. Advantages of sheet hydroforming are improvements of material formability. However, using this method can cause drastic deformation in the free deformed zone of the parts. In order to improve formability and the quality of products, the counter pressure can be use to decrease thinning. The Objective of this paper is to compare the thinning of part in deep drawing for two cases: counter pressure and without-counter pressure. Based on these results, the technological parameters were determined


Drawing, hydrostatic, thinning, wrinkle, crack
Pages : 98-101

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