Designing and Fabricating Device for Measuring Clothing Pressure on the Human Body using Force Sensors

Authors: Nguyễn Quốc Toản, Phan Thanh Thảo*, Đinh Văn Hải


This paper shows our research results in designing and fabricating a pressure measuring device which is utilized to measure clothing pressure when being worn on human body. In this research, Flexiforce A201 of Tekscan Co. (USA) were used as the sensing element. These are force sensors which operate on Piezoresitive effect with advantages such as high flexibility, durability , being compact and easy to use. Flexiforce A201 used in this research has the nominal force sensing range from 0 to 1lb (4.4N). It can produce reliable results at a reasonable manufacturing cost. The measuring device has been made based on multiple experiments and has been tested for the characteristics including accuracy. The experimental results will also be discussed along with others results in measuring clothing pressure on human body which have been published in domestic and international scientific journals.


Clothing pressure, garment pressure, force sensors, force sensing resistors.
Pages : 132-136

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