Development of an Educational Intelligent Wheelchair Platform for Disabled People

Authors: Ngo Van Thuyen*, Pham Phuoc Nguyen


This paper presented a development of an intelligent wheelchair platform for disabled people. The platform is used for educational purposes in autonomous robotics/wheelchairs field where various robotic/wheelchair algorithms such as motion planning, obstacle avoidance, localization and mapping, etc, which can be implemented and tested. The hardware is of open architecture where additional sensing devices such as laser scanner and camera can be easily added to the system if required. Currently, the wheelchair is equipped with a digital compass, a ring of 7 sonar sensors, two wheel encoders, and a SICK LMS291 which is a 2D laser scanner. The library on C++ named XeLanLib provides interfaces between the user program and the wheelchair at high-level control in a client/server model. A landmark localization experiment has been done to validate the design


Intelligent wheelchair, laser scanner, localization, client/server
Pages : 24-28

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