Adjusting the Voltage and Frequency based on Fuzzy logic Control for Parallel Inverters in Microgrid

Authors: Phạm Thị Xuân Hoa*


Droop control for load sharing in parallel inverters is one of the power sharing method popular today because of its advantages compared with other methods, some articles have presented traditional and improvement droop control method. However, most studies with aim is evenly load sharing for the inverters that no purpose of reducing the voltage and frequency deviation to improve power quality. Because of, in this paper is shown the adjusting the voltage and frequency method based on fuzzy logic with aim is minimize the voltage and frequency deviation for improve power quality in microgrid. This controller consists of a Droop combined with fuzzy logic to control changes the slope of the power curve when the load changes, thereby the voltage and frequency deviation could be adjusted. This control method is called the Droop-fuzzy logic control method. Experimental results confirm the validity of the proposed control.


Droop control, fuzzy logic, inverters, microgrid
Pages : 29-35

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