Study on the Process of Simultaneous Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Ore Samples Using ICP-MS

Authors: Nguyen Manh Hung, Tran Thi Thuy*


In this paper, the process of simultaneous determination of 15 rare earth elements has been investigated by ICP-MS method. The method showed good performance in the linear concentration ranges from 3 to 105 ppb. The LODs were lower than 3.2 ppb. The LOQs were lower than 10.8 ppb. Spike recoveries were from 95 to 99% and the repeatabilities were lower than 11% RSD. The optimal decomposition time is 4 hours at decomposition temperature of 250 °C for all basnasite, monazite and xenotime ore samples by using the microwave digestion.The method has been applied successfully for investigation and exploration of basnasite, monnazite and xenotime ore samples


Rare earth elements, Ore, Simultaneous determination, ICP-MS
Pages : 6-10

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