A New Continuous Element for Vibration Analysis of Thick Rotating Cross-Ply Cylindrical Shells using FSDT

Authors: Le Thi Bich Nam, Nguyen Manh Cuong*


This paper presents a new continuous element (CE) for the vibration analysis of rotating thick cross-ply cylindrical shells. The proposed model is based on the analytical solution of First Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT) with consideration of Coriolis accelerations and rotary inertias. Results on natural frequencies of forward and backward waves are presented with the influence of rotating angular velocity. Obtained results are compared with those available in the literature and an excellent agreement has been observed. Moreover, frequency characteristics of thin and thick shells are investigated with respect to different rotating speeds, circumferential wave numbers and thickness ratio. The continuous element model offers many advantages: higher precision, volume of data storage and computing time saved, studied frequency range extended


Rotating laminated cylindrical shells, Composite shell, Continuous element method, Dynamic stiffness matrix, Thick shell, Rotating shell
Pages : 70-75

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