Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of In-Situ Al2O3 Reinforced Ti-Al Composite

Authors: Do Thanh Binh, Tran Duc Huy*, Tran Viet Thuong, Tran Viet Thuong, Hiroyuki Miyamoto


In this work, in-situ nano Al2O3 reinforced Ti-Al composite was fabricated via powder metallurgy route. A mixture of TiO2 and Al powders were milled in planetary ball milling, cold compacted and sintered in a tube furnace under Ar atmosphere. Effect of milling time on the formation of Ti3Al and TiAl3 matrix, microstructure and micro hardness of the composite were studied. The obtained results showed that both Al2O3/TiAl3 and Al2O3/Ti3Al were successfully synthesized via powder metallurgy route. The TiAl3 phase was observed after only 1h of milling while the Ti3Al can only be formed after 5 h. In the first case when more aluminum available, the raw materials (TiO2 and Al) disappeared after 3 hours of milling. Meanwhile, in the second case with less aluminum available, the Al and TiO2 phase were still observed after 3 hours of milling. Micro hardness measurement show that Ti3Al/Al2O3 has higher hardness than TiAl3/Al2O3.


In-situ composite, Ti-Al based matrix, Hardness
Pages : 76-79

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