A Study of Effects of Cutting Condition Surface Roughness in Machining Aluminium Alloy A6061 on CNC Milling Machine

Authors: Pham Van Bong*


Aluminium and aluminium alloy are metal of high plasticity and low fusion temperature. When processing this kind of materials at conventi onal machines, the cutting force is not strong, processing productivity is high, phenomena at cutting place is as similar as processing steel. However, because of stated characteristics, some phenomena with level and frequency are much different from other metal. This affects on surface quality after processing. Research results which are stated in this article about the relationship between cutting condition (v, s, t) and surface roughness after milling on CNC milling machine are basis for the selection of cutting parameters when processing by 6061 aluminium alloy


6061 aluminium alloy, relationship, CNC milling, surface roughness
Pages : 7-11

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Authors : Do Thanh Binh, Tran Duc Huy*, Tran Viet Thuong, Tran Viet Thuong, Hiroyuki Miyamoto