Investigate the Influence of Loop Length and Fabric Elongation on Transdermal Drug Release from Knitted Fabric Containing Ibuprofen - Loaded Microcapsules

Authors: Dao Thi Chinh Thuy, Chu Dieu Huong *


Elaboration of functional textile using microcapsules has attracted more and more attention. Active agent release profile from textile containing microcapsules depends on many factors, including fabric structural parameters and release conditions. In this study, we have investigated the influence of loop length and fabric elongation on transdermal drug release from Interlock fabric containing Ibuprofen - loaded microcapsules. The microcapsules were produced by emulsion solvent evaporation method and then were impregnated onto Interlock cotton fabric. Interlock’s loop length was changed with four levels: 2.80; 2.88; 2.96 and 3.05 (mm). Four fabric horizontal elongation values were studied, they were: 0; 14.29; 33.33 and 60 %. We used pigskin and Phosphate buffer solution (pH=7) for transdermal drug release test. Ibuprofen content in Phosphate buffer solution after 24 hours of release was determined by HPLC. The results show that Ibuprofen content releasing from fabric through pigskin increases with the decrease of loop length and the increase of fabric elongation. The result of this study can contribute to develop researches and production of anti - inflammatory textile.


Medical textile, knitted fabric structure, microcapsules in textile, transdermal drug release
Pages : 100-104

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