NO Treatment with Dielectric Barrier Discharge

Authors: Tran Quang Vinh*, Masataka Arai


Removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel engine’s exhaust gas has become essential issue because of the more and more stringent emission legislations. NOx removal using discharge field has been studied for years and showed its potentiality. In this paper, NOx removal by a dielectric barrier discharge wire-to-cylinder reactor was investigated experimentally. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) was put in discharge field as a dielectric barrier. A mixture of N2, NO and O2 was used as test gas. In addition, the effect of particulate matters (PM) to NOx removal characteristics was also investigated. The DPF containing 3.2 g/L of PM was used. The results in cases of with and without PM loading showed that PM promoted NOx removal reactions in dielectric barrier discharge field and PM composition was changed in trend to reduced soluble organic fractions and sulfate


NOx, Diesel exhaust, Dielectric barrier discharge, Diesel particulate filter, Particulate matter
Pages : 12-18

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