Simulation of Contact Processing in Manufacturing Aspheric Lenses by Elastic Deformation Machining Method

Authors: Nguyen Duc Nam*


Elastic deformation machining method is a simple machining method in manufacturing aspheric lenses process. In this method, the top surface of workpieces will deform and be in contact with the molded surface once vacuum is applied, while the bottom of workpiece is polished to platness with the vacuum pressure is maintained stability. The machining process is finished when the thickness of workpiece is polished to size as required. When the vacuum is turned off and the workpiece is released from the mold, the bottom surface of the workpiece will be shaped into the aspheric shape as the top surface returns to its original flat surface form due to material elasticity. During machining, the form accuracy of aspheric lenses is dependent on the value of vacuum pressure and contact between workpiece and molding surface. Therefore, the study of contact processing in elastic deformation machining is necessary and important. The deformation behavior of aspheric glass lens in elastic deformation machining method is simulated in this paper. The simulation results are given behavior of the glass in contact with the mold in the different pressure values. Based on the simulation results, the appropriate pressure values and molding surface are established for machining process by elastic deformation method


Elastic deformation, Aspheric lens, Glass lapping, Finite element analysis, Contact processing
Pages : 39-43

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