Implementation of Self-Calibration Method for Accelerometer in Inertial Navigation System

Authors: Trieu Viet Phuong, Trinh Quang Thong, Nguyen Thi Lan Huong*


Inertial navigation system (INS) is an independent navigation system, providing the position and orientation of a moving object.The quality of INS depends on the measurement accuracy of the sensors. In order to ensure reliability and accuracy, the sensors used in the INS must be calibrated regularly. However, the implement calibration in the laboratory is very difficult because the sensor fixed to the moving object. Therefore, the paper focuses on proposed self-calibration method for accelerometer - one of the important sensors of INS. Experimental results presented in the paper proved the correctness and applicability of self-calibration method for accelerometer and they are premise for the development of self-calibration method for gyroscope and magnetometer in the INS


Inertial Navigation System, Accelerometer, Gravitational Acceleration, Error, Self-Calibration.
Pages : 56-61

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