Modeling and Developing Project Payment Schedule Algorithm Using Genetic Algorithm and Nash Equilibrium

Authors: Trinh Bao Ngoc*, Huynh Quyet Thang, Bui Duc Hung, Le Tuan Dung


In payment schedule arrangement for each phase of work in the project, investor plans to pay late to get more profit, but development team wants to receive their money on time. The project is presented by method of networking projects with nodes and direction, the model of the payment schedule issue will be described by a network project. This article proposes a solution which uses a Game Theory to solve the problem of the two players having complete information and the points of conflict. Using genetic algorithms in the network project which is described by Game theory model, the strategy of payments will be gradually improved through the new generation, and after the specific number of refining steps, the ultimate solution, which will be regarded as equilibrium of problem by using the Nash Equilibrium. We can find the balance point for an overall payment schedule which is a reasonable solution for sides, investor and development team


Project Payment Schedule, Genetic Algorithm, Nash Equilibrium
Pages : 137-143

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