Impact of Energy Saving inside a Datacenter on the Google Docs Behavior

Authors: Truong Thu Huong*, Vu Ha Nam


Recently, among the current cloud apps competition, Google Docs stands as a noticeable cloud service. In that situation, it has raised a need for economical and efficient cloud operation. In the service competition, Quality of Experience has become the service differentiator on which we can base to trade off between cloud service provisioning and quality. In this article, we study how reducing energy consumed inside a data center can affect the quality of a cloud-based service like Google Docs. In detail, we develop architecture for assessing Google Docs quality and behavior. The architecture helps us to collect sufficient data to form the relation of the Google Docs application behavior upon different QoS conditions. We also analyze the impact of energy saving on network delay and the impact of network delay on the Google Docs behavior. The results can be considered for further study in dimensioning the underlying network provisioning towards future cloud services in order to meet both energy-efficiency and QoE requirement


Google Docs, Energy Efficiency, Data center, Quality of Experience
Pages : 144-150

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