Study and Design the Model of the Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Using Wireless Communication for Agricultural Warehouses

Authors: Phuong Thuy Ngo, Dang Thanh Bui*


The paper presents a study concerning the design of a temperature and humidity measurement system using wireless communication. Measurement devices include sensors that measure temperature and humidity are designed based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller. These devices are placed at various points in the agricultural warehouses and data communication Acquisition device thanks to wireless communication RF. Acquisition device is also designed based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller with round scan tasks and receive data from devices remotely collect and then processor, display, and transmit data to a central computer. Interface software developed on C # programming language that allows receiving data via USB, data processing, display, and store alerts. The acquisition device has successfully communicated with the measurement device via wireless connection at speeds up to 1Mbps with a distance of 20m


Temperature and humidity measurement, Micro-controller, Wireless communication
Pages : 52-55

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