A Study on Determining Material Parameters to Predict Stress-Strain Curves for Tension/Compression Tensile Test of SPCC Sheet Material

Authors: Nguyễn Đức Toàn*


In current study, to predict more correctly stress-strain curves during tension/compression testing of SPCC sheet material, the isotropic and kinematic hardening models were combined by the new way in order to determine the material parameters before inputting to FEM simulation software, namely ABAQUS/explicit 6.12. The tension/compression tensile test was first performed by using MTS 810 tensile test machine. The isotropic and kinematic hardening models were then used to determine material parameters for FEM simulation utilizing experimental data. After that, the comparison between tension/compression experiment and simulation results of SPCC sheet material were depicted to show the big gap of previous models. Finally, the new method to obtain the new material parameters of tension/compression test for SPCC sheet material were proposed based on the combined isotropic/kinematic hardening model in order to improve the quality of prediction during tension/compression test. The final simulation results were also compared with experiments, isotropic/ kinematic hardening models seperately and proved the good prediction of proposed model.