Research on Building the Sizing System of the Body Size for Women Age 35 to 55 of Hungyen City

Authors: Phan Thanh Thảo*


The sizing system for human body which is not only suitable for condition in Viet Nam but useful for the research aim is a social concern in general and garment industry in particular. In this paper, we concentrate on presenting the method and results of the research on characteristics and measurements of women body between 35 and 55 years of age, living in Hung Yen city. By measuring directly, we measured 347 women in Hung yen city. Moreover, the main components analysis technique and testing hypotheses method of the distribution of K. Pearson are employed to prove the normal distribution rule of control dimensions and applying software SPSS to specify control dimensions of the sizing system for clothes for women of working ages in the area of Hung yen in the garment industry. The research have found out 39 standard types of length, width and depth which fits over 80% of women on the demand for sizing in Hung yen city. The SPSS software which has better efficiency and faster execution time plays an important role in specifying the sizing system for clothes of women between 35 and 55 years of age in the area of Hung yen city.


sizing system, control dimensions, women between 35 and 55, main component analysis technique, SPSS software.
Pages : 80-87

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