Research on Establishing the Foot Size System for Diabetic Women of Hung Yen

Authors: Bùi Văn Huấn *


Diabetic usually causes the complication to patients’ feet so the patients need special shoes, designed based on the research about the shape and size of diabetic patients’ feet. This article presents: the method and results of research on foot shape and measurements of Vietnamese diabetic women among 35 and 65 years old, living in the northern part of Vietnam and then establishing the foot size system. For this research, directly measurement method has been used and 412 patients in Hưng Yên has been measured. The data shows the significant difference between diabetic woman feet and other women feet. The foot size system has been completed (following French size system) with 15 sizes (5 sizes in lengths and 3 sizes ballgirth) which fit for over 83.5% of northern Vietnamese diabetic women feet.


Vietnamese diabetic women’s foot, foot measurement, foot size system
Pages : 88-94

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