A Simple Fabricating Approach to SnO2 Doped Sb (ATO) Thin Film by Solution Method

Authors: Trịnh Xuân Anh*


SnO2 doped Sb (ATO) thin films with Sb concentration of 0, 1, 5, 10 % a.t. were fabricated on glass substrate by spin coating method using metal-inorganic (SnCl4, SbCl3) or metal-organic (SnCl2(acac)2,Sb(acac)3) precursors. The ATO thin film fabricated using inorganic precussor has low uniformity resulting high resistivity. Contrary, with organic precursors, The ATO thin film fabricated has high uniformity. The 100 nm thickness of the film on glass substrate was received with two step spincoating, the transmittance > 87% and the lowest resistivity of ~ 2×10-3cm with Sb doping concentration Sb/(Sn+Sb) = 5%at.


antimony doped Tin oxide (ATO), doping concentration, and metal-organic precursors.
Pages : 99-103

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