Using Receding Horizon Minimization of Output Errors In Time Domain for Model Predictive Control of Multivariable Paper Drying Systems

Authors: Nguyễn Doãn Phước*


The paper proposes a model predictive control method for MIMO system, in which the difference system equations are used for output prediction. The proposed control method is based on piecewise minimizing of output tracking errors in time domain. The structure of proposed controller is similar to that of conventional GPC, except that its system output prediction and minimization of tracking error will be carried out directly in time domain instead of frequency domain. Hence the solution of Diophaltine equation can be avoided but the tracking control performance to a desired value is still guaranteed. Moreover, the decoupling and disturbance attenuation behavior of proposed controller is much better than conventional GPC. To demonstrate these assertions, the paper presents also an application of proposed method to control the multivariable paper drying system and then compares the resulted system control performance with which obtained by using the output feedback control system in combination with the feedforward controller for system decoupling, and also with which obtained by using conventional GPC.