A Study on Effects of Container Location on Truck Hydrodynamics

Authors: Ngô Văn Hệ*


The most economic speed for the truck in transportation is from 60km/h to 150km/h. When the truck operates at high speed, the air resistances acting on it increase significantly. In case of bad weather operating conditions as strong wind, the aero dynamic forces acting on the truck cause safe situation. In this paper, the authors present a study on aero dynamic performances of a 40 feet container truck and the effects of 20 feet container which locates on truck at several positions to reduce its air resistances by using a commercial Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD). By using CFD, the pressure distribution, velocity distribution around truck and air resistances acting on the truck are investigated. From analysis simulated results of aero dynamic performances of the truck, the authors give some comments and propose ideas to reduce air resistances acting on the truck. The study on reduction of resistances acting on truck contributes improving economy efficiency of the truck transportation.


Truck; air resistance, aero dynamic force, CFD, reduce air resistance
Pages : 31-36

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