Welding Electrode Manufacturing Technology for Marine Anchor Chain Flash Butt Welding Machine

Authors: Phùng Tuấn Anh*


In this paper, a study on manufacturing technology of welding electrodes from CuNi3Si alloy for marine anchor chain flash butt welding machine was reported. Remelting regime and heat treatment are clearly determined through experimental process. Casting temperature was established in the range of (1170-1200) oC. After casting, the alloy was homogenized at temperature 900±10 oC for 4 hours. Forging temperature for casting blank was in the range of (750-900) oC. After forging, the electrode blank was recrystallization annealed at 600±10 oC for 2 hours. Finish heat treatments for electrode blank consisted of solution heat treatment and aging. The solution treatment temperature was set at 850 oC. Optimum aging temperature appeared to be 450 oC and time at this temperature was 4 hours long. Then alloy reached the hardness of 240 HV5, minimum tensile strength of 757.9 MPa, minimum yield strength of 549.8 MPa, elongation at fracture of 8.5 % and minimum electrical conductivity of 35.4 % IACS. Welding electrodes had absolutely equivalent quality in comparison with accompaniment standard ones of butt welding machine.