Deposited CrN Layer on SKD61 Substrate using Pulse DC Magnetron Sputtering

Authors: Đinh Thanh Bình*


This paper discussed about the CrN layer coating on SKD61 substrate with pulse DC magnetron sputtering by B30-VTD equipment. The vacuum system has power pulses, kept at capacity of 320 W and bias voltage -150 V on the substrate. The N2 gas flow is controled in range 4 ÷ 8 sccm and pulse frequency varied in range 150 ÷ 50 kHz. The experiment results demonstracted the deposition rate of CrN layer was affected by N2 gas flow and pulse frequency. The coating thickness decreased with increasing gas flow and pulse frequency from 7.1 down to 4.2 m. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) of CrN coating was shown that the layer has good stabilization with crystalline structure in N2 gas flow 6 sccm, the main crystal orientation [200], the maximum residual compressive stress under the surface (200) was - 4.11 GPa in case of frequency pulse 150 kHz.


Pulsed DC sputtering, CrN coating, Pressure molding, Residual stress.
Pages : 58-62

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