Study On Acid Hydrolysis Conditions of Chaetomorpha Linum Green Seaweed to Application for Ethanol Production

Authors: Võ Thành Trung*


Green seaweed Chaetomorpha linum has high carbohydrate content, therefore it is suitable for ethanol production. In this study, C. linum was hydrolyzed by sulfuric acid. This process has been investigated following factors, seaweed ratio 75-200 g/l, acid concentration 0-4 %v/v, temperature 90-130oC and time 20-80 minutes. The optimal factors were determined as hydrolysis time of 54 minutes, temperature of 123oC, acid concentration of 3,3 %v/v resulting in the hydrolysate 53.2 g/l of sugar which contained glucose of 32.1 g/l, galactose of 7.8 g/l and rhamnose of 12.6 g/l. In conclusion, this hydrolysate contains a high glucose amount that is appropriate for yeast fermentation with 18.1 g/l ethanol production.


Chaetomorpha linum, green seaweed, hydrolysis by acid, ethanol fermentation.
Pages : 98-103

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