Enhancement of Ethanol Vapor Sensing Properties of ZnO Nanoplates by Simple Composition with -Fe2O3 Nanorods

Authors: Do Duc Tho*, Luong Huu Phuoc, Nguyen Duy Thanh, Nguyen Dinh Thieu, Vu Xuan Hien, Dang Duc Vuong, Nguyen Duc Chien


ZnO nanoplates with average size of 200×400×40 nm and -Fe2O3 nanorods (with an average diameter and a length of 50 nm and several m) have been prepared through hydrothermal treatment method. Both materials were mixed in weight ratios (ZnO /-Fe2O3) of 1/9, 2/8, 3/7, 1/1, 7/3, 8/2 and 9/1 to produce nanocomposite materials. Ethanol vapor properties of films on substrate SiO2/Si attached Pt interdigitated electrodes derived from obtained materials, prinstine nanoplates ZnO and prinstine nanorods -Fe2O3 were investigated at temperatures in the range of 300-400 oC and ethanol vapor concentration of the range of 125-1500 ppm. The result shows that the material of 80 wt% ZnO/ 20 wt% -Fe2O3 exhibits the highest response to ethanol vapor at 400 oC compared to individual ZnO and -Fe2O3. The improvement in the ethanol vapor sensing characteristics of the material compared with prinstine nanoplates ZnO and prinstine nanorods -Fe2O3 is attributed to the formation of heterojunctions in material and to their porous structure.


ZnO nanoplates, -Fe2O3 nanorods, ZnO/-Fe2O3 nanocomposites, ethanol vapor sensor
Pages : 51-54

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