Fatigue Life Prediction under Multiaxial Variable Amplitude Loading Using a Stress Invariant Based Criterion

Authors: Vu Quoc Huy*


Predicting fatigue damage for structural components subjected to variable amplitude loadings is a complex issue. In order to estimate fatigue life under those loading conditions, a multiaxial fatigue criterion must gather with a fatigue damage accumulation rule that allows capturing different damage mechanisms when they are activated. In this paper, combinations of a stress invariant based fatigue criterion with some damage accumulation rules are carried out to deal with variable amplitude loadings. An approach combining three tools, including multiaxial criterion, multiaxial S-N curves and cumulative damage rule are used in this study. Results show good correlations of fatigue life between experimental and predicted results for 1045 steel.


Variable amplitude loading, multiaxial fatigue criterion, Damage accumulation
Pages : 54-58

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