A Method for Capturing Accuracy and Pose Repeatability of Articulated Industrial Robots

Authors: Dương Minh Tuấn*, Lê Đức Độ


This paper presents a low cost method for measuring accuracy and (pose) repeatability of industrial robots, which can be used for robot home calibration, accuracy improvements, robot control compensation or evaluating robot features. The method was proposed based on the relations of the robot joints and the geometrical data from the robot controller with respect to several defined coordinate systems. The experimental setup consists of three dial gauges, capturing position measurements of a KUKA robot (KR6/2) robot end-effector. The positions of the end-effector are employed to estimate robot pose accuracy and repeatability. Moreover, experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of the method and can be used for improving the robot accuracy as well as robot pose repeatability in industrial applications.


Pose Repeatability, Accuracy, Industrial robot, KUKA KR6/2
Pages : 32-36

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