Võ Thu Hà

Authors: Võ Thu Hà*


This paper presents a build of improving algorithm adaptive control in joint space for the motion system of the Almega16 manipulator. The proposed controller eliminates the need for on-line computation of the regression matrix by replacing joints position and velocity with the desired joints position and velocity. In a adaptive control algorithm, the kinetic parameters identification system always provides state information update on the time-variant parameters. The true value is compared to the reference set-point and its evaluation result is input to the controller for adjustment. The results from Matlab - Simmechanic simulations and experiments show that the motion system of Robot Almega16 satisfies the requirement of a control system: the errors of rotating joints quickly converge to zero within a short transient time, so that closed-loop system is stable based on Lyapunov method.


Robot Almega 16, Desired compensation Adaptation Law, Lyapunov method
Pages : 41-46

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