A Method of Buiding Unkeyed Hash Function on Even Polynomial Ring

Authors: Ngô Đức Thiện*


Cryptographic hash functions are used in many applications of modern cryptography, such as authentication, integrity checking of data messages, digital signatures... This paper proposes a symmetry-key block crypto system 256 bits input /output. The encryption scheme is unbalanced four branches Feistel network; the encryption function and subkeys for the encryption loops are based on cyclic geometric progressions over even polynomial ring Z2[x]/x^n+1 with n=2^k. In the next part of the paper, the article recommended applies this crypto system to a hash function with 512 bits output length. Finally, some diffusion calculations of the proposed crypto system and hash function are also presented.


Polynomial ring, cyclic geometric progressionc, block symmetry crypto system, Feistel network, hash function
Pages : 64-69

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