A CFD Study on Hydrodynamic Performances of a Propeller-Rudder System Used for the Cargo Ships

Authors: Lê Thị Thái*


In this paper, the hydro dynamic performances of the propeller – rudder interaction of the 5500DWT cargo ship was study by mean of CFD tool and comparing with theoretical calculation. The two cases of the propeller with and without a rudder in the propulsive system was investigated for prediction and comparison in hydrodynamic performances. The CFD results have shown the pressure field, flow velocity distributions around system in order to make prediction for hydrodynamic performance of the propeller and system. By controlling the driven attached angle of the rudder, the hydrodynamic coefficients are estimated for considering applying in operating the propulsive system of the 5500DWT cargo ship. The appearance of some low-pressure areas under the saturated vapor pressure on the suction side of the propeller at an advance coefficient J less than 0.35 that makes the suggestion that the cavitation model should be considered for further study.


Hydrodynamics, propeller, propulsive system, CFD, cargo ship
Pages : 95-100

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