Experimental Research on Impinging Slot Jet on a Concave Surface – Impinging Height and Reynolds Number

Authors: Hoàng Thị Kim Dung*


Experimental studies of single slot jet impinging upon a concave surface were conducted by classical Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and infrared thermography. Main parameter of this studies were nozzle exit Reynolds number (Reb = 1400-6400), dimensionless impinging height (H/b = 3-7), relative curvature of the wall (Dc/b = 5) and little dissymmetric outlet flow (e/b = 0.8). Results indicated that impinging jet oscillated at three semi-stable different point at high impinging jet while it stabilized at a position at small impinging height. Therefore, oscillatory impinging jet generated a uniform heat transfer at high impinging height while the stabilized impinging jet caused an asymmetric heat transfer at low impinging height.


Impinging Jet, Concave Surface, PIV, Infrared Thermography.
Pages : 101-106

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