Fabrication of microfluidic system integrating pre-mixture and trapping magnetic nanoparticles modules

Authors: Cao Hồng Hà*


The microfluidic system was designed and fabricated in Polymethylsiloxane (PDMS) using replica molding process. PDMS micro-channel (50 μm high, 500 μm wide) was designed with functional modules: mixing components and trapping nano magnetic beads. The microfluidic system was packed by mechanical technique using two Plexiglas pieces and fixing by screws, the PDMS channels can be easy to replace by new one in case of requirement thanks to this technique. In addition, the microfluidic system was passed the leaking test with high-pressure drop (> 150 kPa) of liquids injecting in micro-channel (with flow rate: 500 μL/min in 15 minutes). The trapping zone of micro channel was fabricated with a large reservoir and a NdFeB magnet placing under channel. The result is the basic of applying microfluidic chip in the chemical/bio medical analysis.


Microfluidic systems, microchannel, trapping magnetic nanoparticles, PDMS
Pages : 124-128

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