Switched-Capacitor Nine-Level Inverter

Authors: Ngô Bắc Biển, Nguyễn Minh Khai*, Ngô Văn Thuyên


This paper propose a new configuration of the switched-capacitor multilevel inverter (SCMI). The proposed switched-capacitor nine level inverter configuration based on switching the capacitors in series and in parallel through the semiconducting switches. The proposed topology does not use more power supplies to raise the output voltage level or the transformers to boost output voltage, moreover the proposed inverter of components are used less than the traditional inverter configuration, thereby reducing the cost and size of the system. To verify the circuit operation, PSIM simulation is performed for nine level configuration. The experimental results are also shown with nine level inverter configuration.


Multilevel inverter, switched-capacitor, pulse-width modulation (PWM), boost voltage, reduced switch.
Pages : 27-32

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