Research on Fabricating Luminescent Substance of Aluminum Tris-8 Hydroxide Quinoline (Alq3) for Offset security Ink

Authors: Trần Minh Thế *, Vũ Quang Ninh, Trần Văn Thắng


Offset luminescent colorless printing ink which is applied to contribute to the security factor for printing products is increasingly applied and developed widely. The main components of Offset secure ink include binder, luminescent pigment and additives, in which luminescent pigment determines the ink's security nature. Currently, one of the most widely used substances in the technical field is aluminum tris-8 hydroxy quinoline (Alq3). The characteristic of Alq3 is that under the 365nm UV light source, Alq3 absorbs and emits a yellowish green light at the wavelength of 510nm-520nm. This article presents the results of the research, fabrication and identification of Alq3 structure with high thermal stability, high luminosity and Alq3 particle size mainly in the range of about 5 μm which is very suitable to produce pigment for offset security ink.


Offset printing ink, pigment, Aluminum Tris-8 Hydroxide Quinoline(Alq3), luminescent, security
Pages : 77-80

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