Design and implement a wearable device for visually impaired people

Authors: Trần Hải Nam*, Nguyễn Minh Đức, Đỗ Hạnh


Braille language and white cane are the especially important tools in visually impaired people’s life. Braille helps visually impaired people learn, work and update information to integrate them into normal social life. White cane assists them to walk confidently without supporting from other people. In this paper we propose a wearable device for visually impaired people which is able to communicate with smart phone via Bluetooth connection to send or receive information, then display that information by Braille language. In addition, this device also has the moving assistance function for the visually impaired by detecting obstacles and guiding them to return to their way after passing those obstacles


Visually impaired, obstacle avoidance, Braille, wearable, Bluetooth Low Energy, Android, Smartphone
Pages : 13-18

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