Copper recovery from waste printed circuit board

Authors: Trần Đức Huy*, Dương Ngọc Bình, Lê Minh Hải


Electronic wasted is an important resource of secondary metals, especially copper with copper content in the wasted being up to 27%. In this work, copper was recovered from wasted printed circiut boards, a major component in any wasted electronic device. The recovery process consists of four basic steps: pre-treatment (disassembly of electronic components, abrasion and magnetic separation), roasting, smelting and anodized casting and finally electrolytic refining. After being roasted at 750ºC for 45 minutes, the metal sample had a copper content of approximately 68%. The smelting and electrolytic refining process increased the purity of copper to 99.9%. The current density and Cu concentrations in the electrolyte solution are the major factors that affect the properties of the electrolytic copper .


copper recovery, wasted PCB, pryometallurgy, wasted electronics
Pages : 46-50

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