Markov property analysis of the real-world driving data and its application

Authors: Nghiem Trung Dung*, Nguyen Thi Yen Lien


A number of methods can be used for the development of a driving cycle. Among them, the Markov chain is a promising approach which has been being widely used in recent years in many developed countries but still scarce in Vietnam. In this paper, based on the analysis of a dataset of random numbers which are the instantaneous speeds of the bus recorded by the GPS in a whole bus route, the real–world driving data of bus system in Hanoi are proved to be a stationary time-series and have the Markov property. The typical driving cycle of the bus route No.9 was then developed based on this finding. The developed cycle was assessed in the comparison with the on – road driving data. A good conformity of this driving cycle with the real –world driving data was observed.


Markov chain, stationary series, driving cycle, Hanoi bus, emission factor
Pages : 54-58

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