A Study on Reduced Air Resistance Acting on Hull of a Cargo River Ship by Used CFD

Authors: Ngo Van He*


Aiming to improvement of the inland water transportation efficiency, this paper presents development of new hull concept for the cargo river ships with reduced air resistance by using a commercial CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) method. The CFD results of aero-dynamic performances of the ship as pressure distribution, velocity flow around hull and air resistance acting on hull are investigated by the CFD. By analysing air resistance acting on a conventional cargo river ship which is widely used in Vietnam, a new concept of cargo river ships with drastically reduced air resistance hull form has been developed. A suitable method for application of the obtained research results has been suggested namely gradual replacement the current hull form by the newly developed one.


new hull; reduced air resistance; cargo river ship, CFD, accommodation.
Pages : 50-56

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